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Steam Hi-Dpi in Linux

The latest steam beta update changed it’s automatic assumption for Hi-Dpi using GDK_SCALE environment variable and opted for a checkbox to enable it instead. You can find this checkbox in Steam -> Settings -> Interface

The beta announcement


Learning Python Part 3

Using lists we organize and categorize ourselves and the environment around us. In Python lists are essentially a container of sequenced objects that are alike in nature. You are not restricted to having lists of only a single data type, however it is often not seen as very intuitive to use different types in a list. Lists like strings are a sequence type which really means that we can use an index to access the data, we’ll have a look at slicing which is a feature of sequence types, allowing us to get portions of data instead of a singular item.

Learning Python Part 2

Strings are at the heart of many programs. We asks our users for information that our code requires to do the task. We provide feedback to the users when the task has completed or failed. We share information with other systems. This is almost always done using strings and string manipulation. In part 2 we are going to look at how we use strings. How we can change these strings using the Python library.